DAL has created a 5+ Factor Authentication system called the “Verified Trust Exchange”. Verification of an Identity is done via your Mobile Device. It is most economically priced and designed for Africa.  An integral part of the 5+ Factor Authentication is a patented "Roaming Domicile" which provides the enrolled individual with an address, this is especially useful in 3rd World countries or where people have no fixed address. 

DAL’s “Verified Trust Exchange” acts as a 2-way verification, verifying both the customer and employee of company transacting with, it keeps a record of verification, communication, consent and transaction for both parties – thus, for the first time, both customer and employee of institutions enrolled on same system and can verify each other. This is the Trust builder for all institutions.  DAL’s “Verified Trust Exchange” is the Pro-Active solution to fraud through Identity Theft.

DAL’s enrollment is done quick and easy by a vetted operator, no person can register themselves on this system, making DAL the true “Single Source of Truth” and most secure protection for Identities. (Only the rightful owner of an identity can verify themselves against themselves on the DAL system – making a stolen Identity worthless to anybody else)

DAL’s “Verified Trust Exchange” solution works by disclosing the transacting institution’s contact details combined with a unique verification code, sent through a premium direct route via a GSM network to the transacting customer.  This method allows DAL to send verification codes without using data.  We are now able to reach 100% of the mobile phone users in South Africa, other African and Global countries.

Mobile phones penetration to the African market is growing unabated.  See graph below:
* According to 2015 Statistics


Institution engages with client in person or via a telephone conversation
Institution needs to verify the identity and credibility of the client they engage with
Details of institution is sent to client with contact details and a unique verification code
Client now provides the unique verification to institution and is now verified to continue


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