E-Mail Archiving

E-mailing has become one of the most used communication tools within most companies.

Important information, legal business documentation and crucial conversations are exchanged via e-mail on a daily basis.  In many companies, these e-mails can amount to thousands very quickly and the archiving thereof is very important. Archiving is seen as significant not only for security and storage purposes, but also because companies are finding themselves obligated to hold records of all emails for a number of years.

In order for a company to protect itself, archived e-mails can assist in many situations to provide proof, evidence or references. As with e-mail security, archiving is generally seen as something only large corporations would implement. But because SME’s are also at risk if e-mails are not archived, we provide a cost-effective and affordable e-mail archiving solution.


75% of a company’s intellectual property is contained within e-mail and messaging systems.


50% of e-mails sent by SME's have important, sometimes crucial  documents attached!

10 years

We will backup and save all your incoming and outgoing e-mails for a period of 10 years!


97% of all e-mail users around the world does not have a backup or recovery plan for their e-mails!
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