E-Mail Security

South Africa has one of the highest malicious e-mail and phishing rates in the world.  

Malicious or unsolicited e-mails are spam mails, junk mail and e-emails containing malware sent without authorization to thousands of recipients. These unsolicited e-mails can contain damaging viruses, worms and Trojans. These are secretly installed and can destroy computer files and steal sensitive information. Furthermore, unsolicited e-mails are bandwidth guzzlers, which means they use a lot of data and lessen your internet speed.

SME’s are often seen as softer targets for malicious emails, as they are less likely to have security software installed, unlike larger companies.

To ensure your e-mails are secure and safe, Digital Zoo offers an affordable solution to protect you and your company against invasive internet threats coming though e-mails. The software filters incoming e-mails and destroys those which contain malicious content.

30 billion

30 billion spam e-mails do the rounds every day around the world!


South Africa places 2 nd in the world in terms of phishing rates!


One in 178 e-mails are identified as malicious


South Africa is the 4th geo-area with highest malicious e-mail traffic.
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