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With Natural Probiotics, Vitamins & Garlic


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About Scrumpets

Formulated for dogs to improve condition and maximise digestive health. The 945mg tablets contains Probiotics (Live cultures of friendly bacteria) garlic, vitamins, minerals, Amino acid and Folic acid.

We started with Probiotics in 1998 and since then even Woolworths includes Probiotics in their Yogurt realising the healing potential of Probiotics.

Except for the normal health benefits of minerals and vitamins, the combination of all the ingredients give your pet or breeding dog the following benefits:
  • Recovery after illness and antibiotic treatment
  • Revitalise older animals
  • Helps for Eczema and skin allergies 
  • A must with de-worming. Replaces the good bacteria 
  • Blood purification and tonic
  • Immune system boost
  • Ph balance
  • Digestive health
  • Skin and coat conditioning
  • Intestinal cleaning
  • Decrease of odours in faecal matter
  • A must for your Dog to keep him happy and healthy.

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